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Proportion is something bugs cannot understand. It seems to me proportion is a forced perception of space. Like many other things, one is never really aware of this fact until one experiences the fascinating world of non-proportion.

There is nothing surprising in the world of proportion, it is merely a way of organizing space. “Organizing” is the key word here. It is an intrinsically human word. And, as such, it fails in every direction. Perhaps things would be better if the human sense of “proportion” was any like a bug’s.



Passages are the most amazing places. They are both scary and fascinating. One avoids them as much as possible because one knows they are the breeders of many unpleasant surprises.

Sometimes though, they become the only way out. One bursts through them fast, trying to ignore the sleazy corners and the endless passers-through. At times one actually comes to appreciate them in all their glory-of-escape. During these times they can be magnificent. Yes, one recognizes their splendor when, suddenly, something better appears on the other side. Even when its just the commencement of another ladder.


I started this blog recently and already got some hate-mail. Someone said “it was unacceptable for a dirty vile and insignificant creature to talk about humans in such a brutal way”(?). Apparently some humans have a hard time dealing with criticism.

Why is it so hard to face a mirror when its someone else forcing you to look?